Master Key Experience Week 2: The Nitty Gritty

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Wow, so here we are at Week 2. It has been slightly overwhelming trying to get everything together and get organized, but I love that they constantly remind us to take deep breaths and calm down!

So this week is all about building the foundation of strong habits so that we can build on those habits later. So proud of myself, I’ve been able to complete most of my assignments. I decided to give up one of my days off to dedicate to completing assignments and other necessary activities.

Lesson I learned this week: You can’t get something for nothing. There has to be an exchange.

I’m excited to find out the 13 riches of life or areas of life, but I will be patient and wait.

I attended a seminar hosted by Jana Martinez on “Learn to Read Faster”. It was super informative and she did not just try to teach the skill, she went into the training you have to do with your brain-connecting the right and left hemisphere as well as engaging your body. This concept she called Sync-Learning. She went through Winning Rituals that were fun and very helpful. She also went over Steps, techniques as well as the basic rhythm to reading faster.

Connection between MK Lesson and Speed Reading Seminar: Both reminded me this week that I have the Power of Choice! I choose if I want to invest in building a new blueprint for my life for success or I let the Old keep me down. I choose the New!

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Master Key Experience Week 1: The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

So this is actually Week 2.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to review the information and experiences I had trying to get Week 1 together.

I am so excited to begin this journey, it is unbelievable! I had no idea, really, what I was getting myself into, but I decided to jump. I mean, what do I really have to lose?

My biggest fear? I’ve never committed 6 months to anything with intentional focus- to not only finish, but accomplish what I set out to do. I’ve always been a great starter, but a horrible finisher. That stops now.

The instructors seem great, knowledgeable and like Mark says, “Enthusiastic!” LOL

So I’m organizing binders, chapters, note cards and notes and I am ready for the journey ahead. Let’s get it!