Master Key Experience Week 8: I Can’t Think Past – No TV!

This week was huge! Just imagine being able to pick your response to things instead of just reacting all the time. I have to admit when it comes to defaulting back to my “old” self it very easy to fall back into old patterns and the old blueprint.

First no opinion, then no negative thoughts and now this week no television. My old blue print took over for the whole week. And the funny thing is, I really have no idea why but I went into full rebellion mode. It’s not like I haven’t gone days without tv. I often shut the tv off and have a day of silence or just music, so this response totally threw me for a loop. I’m back on course and I’m trying to be gracious to myself but it really set me back and knocked me off course.

I see the old me being totally disrupted which is actually a great thing for me. I have been in this pattern for way too long. I will not allow myself to be pulled backwards but will continue to push forward looking toward the new me. It’s hard but nice to eject negative thoughts from my mind, 7 seconds is too long for it too dwell. I must admit that it was quadruplly (sp?) hard for me when I got cut off by a Rooms To Go delivery truck today. All my positive thoughts went flying out the window. It took me hours to recompose myself.  It really upset me that it took so long for me to pull myself back but I notice that when you are trying to change old patterns, those patterns don’t won’t to go and they grow stronger but I have the power over those ways. I didn’t even know that I could get that riled up! It truly surprised me.

I have been practicing choosing and picking the stimulus to trigger the response I desire. Which is why it was such a disappointment to me that all that practice went out the door. But I have been doing a lot of things right, so I celebrate that with ENTHUSIASM!

You see, I remembered that this week we were talking about the aggregation of marginal gains. You know, consistently doing the little things that add up to big things, and I told myself that I wasn’t doing as badly as I thought. I still had all the foundational routines and practices that I was being consistent with and so that’s what I celebrated and started at Day 1 again. They tell me Rome wasn’t built in a day and so I gave myself grace. Give more, get more!

Big win for the week: Today I went through the whole day with any TV and not even wanting to watch. Yay me! I can do it and so can you! I can make the changes for the life I want and desire. Just remember, Wooden said, “Improvement accrues over time to add up to massive change.”

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