Master Key Experience Week 6: Let’s Go to The Movies!

two white and red admission tickets

I have to say that this week I was totally blown away by several concepts. You see, I was made to think in a way I had never before.  Just imagine that you could meet your “future self”. What do you think they would thank you for and what things they would want to wring your neck for?  What have you dumped on your future self because you just don’t want to deal with it right now? Oh my gosh…. I am where I am right now because when I was 20 I was not thinking about 40 year old me.  Just think about how your bad habits, procrastination and opportunities missed effect your future self.

The concept of making my future self not a stranger, but rather my best friend who I would never want to see anything bad happen to is a huge breakthrough for me. Of course we rationally know, whatever we do today will affect us somewhere down the line in an unknown future, but to actually conceptualize your future self to the point where you know everything about them, what they love, what they want, what hurts them, what secrets they have that no one knows about but you… and you have the power to transform their life in a huge way by living your best life now. I L.O.V.E. it!!!!

Soooo…. I’m spending time to get to know my new best friend and let me tell you, she is one cool, motivated, emotional, lady who is ready to take the world by storm. She is now the feature star in my new movie trailer. The Movie poster is being worked on as we speak. It is going to be a movie for the ages.

Remember to love yourself and others!


One thought on “Master Key Experience Week 6: Let’s Go to The Movies!”

  1. oh my goodness , i am sending high fives to you , excellent. i will refer to your comment in the begining part where you said wringing the neck. for me i found that if i was my best friend back in my twenties i would have faught harder. knowing that now i can create a different response vrs. a reaction in full awareness wow. i kick butt with all my heart. huh i am so glad that you posted blogged and are a part of my journey. cheers to moving forward. cindy


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