Master Key Experience Week 4: The Truth

This week has been quite a week! Every bit of my old blueprint has been desperately pulling me away from building the foundation of my new blueprint.

What’s the old blueprint? For me, those old habits of procrastinating, watching tv to chill out, sleep, old habits with no focus, no structure, no “Go-get-it” about myself (like my husband likes to say). I have felt my new blueprint try to push through and to be honest, it has not been winning. And then, one day, I wake in the morning and something just turns on on the inside of me and I just turn on the new side that has motivation, inspiration and that push and she makes a decision to commit and finish strong!

For so long I have been a great “starter” and a horrible finisher. Well, I say no more! That stops now! I embrace my true self who has been hidden under cement for too long. I welcome my golden self to the front. It has been hard to envision who she really is but I am ready to see her. I think just always trying to be the perfect person that everyone has expected of me has kept me from pursuing her. It saddens me that I allowed the world to dampen and hide her but I am also so joyful to know that I now have the opportunity to allow her to breathe, flaws and all.

This week has been a very revealing week for me, It was much needed and appreciated.

……….. And breathe…….

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17 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 4: The Truth”

  1. Hi I like your honesty I felt this way and I found it difficult to stay in the moment him. Yet here I will go re-reading my DMp rewriting my DMp and everything else that needs to help me change my mindset. So cheers and hugs to you for making this life of yours more better or stronger more clear


      1. you are right about we keep moving forward doing the work so that we can get on the other side. wow, so here we go all the way to be the best person with the best possibility mind set thank you


  2. WOW! You wrote exactly what I have been feeling. So happy to know that I am not alone on this journey. May we both not only get to the golden buddha in us, but polish her up and make her shine to inspire others! Namaste!


    1. Colleen, through this journey I’m seeing that none of us are alone, and when we share our true hearts, minds and experiences, it connects us to kindred spirits. Can’t wait to see where your journey takes you!


  3. Ellaysa, such a great blog! It is especially helpful because it lets me know that I am not alone in the struggles on this journey! And hopefully this reply let’s you know that YOU are not alone! I love how you see the progress by sticking to it and committing to stay with this program until the end where we will see our Golden Buddhas finally exposed for the world to see! LOVE to see your progress!


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