Master Key Experience Week 3: Plus Feeling

Week 3 finds me getting a little bit more clear and organized. The thing that stood out the most to me was we need “Thought” PLUS Feeling yields belief which is the seat of habit. I worked on my Definite Major Purpose this week to really tweak it and infuse it with as much feeling as possible.

There is definitely power in  concentrating on a definite purpose. Creating a detailed blueprint for your subconscious is a key part of this entire experience. Can you imagine thinking about an outcome continuously and adding enthusiasm to that thought and it actually happens? It’s not a dream, it actually manifests.

This week actually connected some things I already knew but hadn’t fully put together in my mind. The concepts had been taught to me over a period of time at different points in my life, but they had never all been presented working synergistically.

What an awesome week. I can’t wait for Week 4.

See you next week, same place. 🙂

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